Friday, June 25, 2010

Oil or the Environment?

My friend Joe Kahler posted this on the forum:
Why is it that to some folks these days, if you're against letting Big Oil do whatever it damn-well pleases in our home waters, you're suddenly branded an air-head tree-hugger or, worse, a Democrat? 
Folks, it's NOT a choice between environmental sensitivity and jobs/prosperity for the people.  That's a line of BS this State bought years ago from Big Oil.  When we hear Jindal and the Petros make that argument in its various forms, we should be hearing them say, "It's a choice between environmental responsibility and maximizing gas and oil profits."  I think they're in denial about the fact that no matter how big your profits, they won't be big enough to insulate you from the consequences of ecological destruction if we don't WISE UP.

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