Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bass Cat Popper

The latest Fly Fisherman magazine has a fly pattern called The Cat. It's tied using spun deer hair for the head. I don't mind spinning deer hair, but silicone floatant is not readily available here and I really don't like using it. I used a piece of closed cell foam for the head on my version. The zonker tail really gives it great action. I put one together and went to my local pond to make sure it would float right. It did and got a lot of action, and even bream had a go at it.

#2 Mustaad 34007 hook
Foam popper head crudely fashioned into a head (the bass don't care)
Doll eyes superglued on, then head is coated with Loon Hardhead
3 inch or so zonker tail
Marabou collar
Extra long hackle

Here is a variation using a Rainy's Foam Frog Body:

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Rick said...

Strange looking frog. Does it croak too?