Monday, May 4, 2015

Jackson Kilroy

Kayak number 8 for me. Second Jackson, first was a Coosa. They really created a great fishing machine with the Kilroy.

Fished Delacroix Saturday, logged 5 miles of paddling. Went to Hopedale Lagoon Sunday.

Here are the pluses:
  • Well thought out tackle storage against the sides inside the yak as well as on the front hard deck. No more tackle boxes for me, everything is going in the yak. 
  • The shock cords on the deck hold plastic bait bags and double as rod holders. Rods also store with the butts in the yak when paddling. 
  • Rod holder tubes inside. Great for storing my stake out pole while traveling. I don't like the rods getting beat up on the road, they stay in the truck. 
  • Paddle holders on both sides - paddle on right, stake out on left. 
  • The tackle holder shock cords work well for the stake out pole, don't really need an anchor trolley, but may add one. 
  • Very stable. Standing is easy on the flat deck, but then I don't really like standing in a yak much. It is nice to be able to stretch your legs. 
  • Very stable in the raised seat position. Great for sight fishing. Seems to paddle even better when raised due to the sharper paddle angle. My 230cm paddle is perfect for it. Zero water drips off the paddle into the yak when in the high position. 
  • Seat is very good. I would say great, but then I am coming from a Native which has the very best seat in the kayak world. The storage bags under the seat and behind the seat are standard and work well. 
  • Plenty of room behind the seat for a 36 can AO bag and a crate. 
  • Came with two rod holders and Ram 1.5" balls. There are tracks front and back on both sides. Might add one close to the seat as well. 
  • It's fast. The lower center of gravity really makes it go. It's maybe faster than my 14.5 Slayer. It turns well and tracks well. If you get too aggressive with the seat high, it will rock a little. 
  • The hatch and storage at the back has a waterproof bulkhead and has lots of dry storage. There is also storage up front with a foam divider between it. Probably plenty flotation between that foam and the rear to float it if water is taken on. 
  • Just one. It's sit inside so it takes a bit more to clean it out. No big deal, after this weekend I propped it up and washed everything down to the back bulkhead and used a car wash sponge to get the water out. 
  • That sponge stays in the under seat storage. I did take a small wake over the side from a crab boat this weekend. Sponged some of it up, the rest evaporated. Water in the boat? Even lower center of gravity.. If I had paid attention and turned into that wake, it wouldn't have happened. The sides are quite a bit higher than most SOT boats. 
Overall I am very impressed. It's a well thought out boat with great fishing features.

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