Monday, December 2, 2013

Hopedale Trout

Since nobody wanted to buy my boat, I tuned it up and took it to Hopedale. I ran around a bit. Went into the marsh behind Lena Lagoon and caught a few trout, then went to the dam and lost my anchor. At about 1pm I headed down the Spoil Canal, where I saw several yaks fishing at the first cut. I went on down to the third cut to the right and anchored in the Spoil Canal right at the cut. That's Blind Pisana Bayou, 2.7 miles down.From 2 till dark it was trout on every cast. I threw back at least 50 11" trout. The only thing they were hitting was a Saltwater Assassin Pinfish under a popping cork, which is similar to the SA Opening Night. That color works great when white shrimp are running. Fished till almost dark and left them biting.

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