Thursday, July 24, 2008

Got G.A.S.?

In internet music circles we call it G.A.S. - Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It starts as a quest to upgrade your equipment and it can take on a life of it's own. Luckily by buying used at the right price, you can easily sell or trade equipment for what you paid for it and end up breaking even. Usually there is a detour into collecting instead of using gear. Luckily I'm through with that. I really like what I have now and use it all. For more details on that go to and click on "My Basses".
Anyway what's that got to do with Louisiana Fishing? I have had a power boat for most of my adult life. I got into fishing from a kayak last year. Well I started with a canoe, and then got a kayak.. I am on kayak number three now. All the money spent on the canoe and other kayaks all came back to me when I sold them. Now I have what I should have gotten first - a Native Watercraft Magic 12. All of my other kayaks have been good, but the downfall with a kayak for me is the seat. In a power boat, you can stand and you don't suffer from "yakbutt". The Natives hands down have to the best seat in the biz. Here's a pic of my new Magic tricked out and ready to do battle with redfish:


tom said...

I have a Mohawk 13 canoe with a stated capacity of 250#. I am at 230# with gear. My problem is the craft is unstable and I have tipped several times.
Have I overloaded the canoe? I do not enjoy the ride, as am tense and feel at risk.

Butch Ammons said...

I started out last year with a canoe. Canoes are great with two people. I found mine tippy with just me in it. I like the lower center of gravity in a kayak.